Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces

Individual ‘brackets’ are stuck directly to the surface of the teeth and are then connected by flexible wires which need to be tightened at regular intervals. If a fixed brace is recommended, you may be able to choose between ceramic (tooth-coloured) or metal brackets. Fixed appliances that are glued directly to the teeth and they are not therefore removable by the patient. They are individually constructed and custom made for you and are highly sophisticated pieces of precision engineering.

Ceramic brace

With fixed braces, individual control of each tooth is possible this means that detailed positioning and the highest possible standard of finish can be obtained. Fitting and adjusting fixed braces is a highly skilled and sometimes a lengthy process. During the first few days of wearing your fixed brace, your teeth may feel tender to bite with and the brace will sometimes cause chaffing of the inside of lips and cheeks.

Metal brace

This is I am afraid considered normal but you will soon get used to the appliance and any tenderness will go,thereafter there is rarely a problem. Fixed appliances can’t harm the teeth in themselves but it is important to keep them constantly clean,they and the teeth must be brushed thoroughly at least after every meal.