NHS Appointment Policy

NHS Appointment Policy

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Understandably many parents prefer that their child does not have to miss school and they themselves do not have to miss work in order to attend an orthodontic appointment, but as 95% of our patients are at the school age we would have to work late into the night to accommodate everyone. By varying the time and day of a pupil’s appointments we can minimise any loss of schoolwork and we will always try to arrange mutually convenient appointments.

Wherever possible, we will always prioritise pupils who are in their examination years.

NHS appointments are timed between 9am and 4:00pm and most appointments are surprisingly short as our team spends a great deal of time ensuring that appointments are scheduled correctly to achieve the maximum amount of treatment in a minimum of time.

If any of our NHS patients are unfortunately late due to traffic delays, parking or other unforeseen problems, we cannot in fairness to other patients ‘squeeze’ the late patient(s) into our NHS schedule. We can either let the late arrival wait for a possible opening to occur in the schedule, or we can re-schedule a further appointment with you. We endeavour to re-schedule all failed or late appointments within 2 weeks of the original appointment.

We always try to move teeth as rapidly as possible and to monitor treatment regularly, so we prefer every patient to make a further appointment and take a printed appointment card before they leave.

If you require an emergency appointment we do not offer a ‘walk in’ service. By telephoning the surgery you will be offered a timed appointment, avoiding the need for a long wait or causing inconvenience to other patients who are in active treatment.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we are sure you will realise that if we seem inflexible at times, it is simply because we must be fair to all our NHS and private patients.

As you would expect verbal or physical abuse to our staff will not be tolerated and any such incident reported to our principal orthodontist Dr Pearson will result in your dismissal from this practice and your need to find treatment elsewhere.