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As I’m sure many of you already know, flossing is a very important part of your oral hygiene routine and should be done daily. It removes food and plaque from in between your teeth which  a toothbrush isn’t always able to reach.

Doing this as part of your daily oral hygiene care will help prevent gum diseases, dental caries and even bad breath!

A few of us have started using the new Philips Sonicare Airfloss. This product is said to remove 99% more plaque than normal flossing.

It works by pressing one simple button, generating a short blast of air and water, which jets in between your teeth. We have found it much simpler and quicker to use compared to floss and with its long angle nozzle it is able to reach right to the back of your mouth which you might not necessarily be able to do with conventional floss.

From a orthodontists point of view we would strongly recommend this product to anyone wearing a fixed brace or fixed retainer, or even someone that  has crowded teeth where your not able to get floss to fit. The Airfloss is able to get around the wires and brackets without problem.

For more information on this product visit the Phillips website.


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